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A few days ago, as I was writing about setting up my website and blogs, I mentioned all the little details that go into their creation-all those things that stressed me out to the point that I finally decided to ask for help in the doing of it all.

A few of the details I mentioned; a few of the things that so many other bloggers collectively seem to think crucial to every other blogger's success:  finding a niche, monetizing, and being original.

I don't stress-even a little-over being original.  I long ago got over thinking that writing was useless unless I could write about something completely original. Even with billions of blogs currently circulating, and even with every possible topic under the sun having already been discussed, every story is original. 

Some will resonate with others, some won't.

Enough said.

I also don't stress about monetizing anything...not at this point anyway.  If my simplying (which includes downsizing financially and living well within my means) backfires at some point, I may have to worry about if I'm starving or something. For now, however, making money is not my priority in this endeavour.

It's the common theory that one must have a niche to be successful and read and heard that currently worries me.

I'm doomed to failure if that's the case, as I believe I'm destined to be forever nicheless.

I have to wonder if there are any others out there like me; others who have lost their original careers and purposes, who went through (or are going through) a period of complete panic in which they jumped (are jumping) at any and every opportunity and course available in an attempt to regain a sense of independence and feeling of usefulness.

After I was released from the Canadian Armed Forces, and after the loss of my nursing license (people who have a loss of short term memory, a reduction in processing speed, and can't handle multiple inputs can't/shouldn't nurse), I went on a rampage of learning:  photography, professional writing and journalism, pet nutrition, dog training, small business (I have a small artisan business- Beachcomber Designs), pet welfare.

At times, I think my learning spree was simply a panic reaction to having no clear path or purpose.  At other times, I feel it is a product of a brain that, now damaged, simply lacks focus and is far too prone to distraction.

My brain is now so easily sidetracked by new and shiny ideas.

No matter the cause, nichelessness seems to have become my new reality.

If this website and blog should become nothing more in future than a small study in how a brain functions (or malfunctions)  after injury, or simply a remembrance of my life and my new reality - a downloadable memory for future generations of Lloyds (grandbabies, hopefully!) to share, well...that's okay.

Living every day on a rather shaky and unpredictable ledge, the thought of leaving a tangible piece of me behind is more than enough, it's a great comfort.


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