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I watched the news this morning about the most recent mass shootings in the States (Ohio and Texas)...and since then have seen many posts about the shooters on social media.

Most notably this morning, one "expert" on mass shootings (sad that the world now requires "experts" on such events) said that many shooters are motivated by the need to be noticed, to gain attention, to be seen. He even mentioned that some of the manifestos and social media evidence that is studied after such shootings reveal that some of these misguided souls are even (all things being so competitive in this brave new world) striving for bigger numbers - larger body counts.  Apparently, larger numbers mean more - even global - media coverage.

So, why are we all talking about them?  Why is the media reporting on them?  And just why are we all giving them exactly what they seem to need and want by sharing their names and pictures over and over in social media?

Why not, instead, simply set up laws and policies to ensure that the names and pictures of those lost souls - those who feel the need to kill others to secure their place in history - are never heard of or seen again?  

Why not make it illegal for anyone - especially reporters and journalists - to mention their names or show their pictures?  Yes, always report on the events and the victims...but never again report on the suspects, the perpetrators.

Seriously...have you ever noticed that after any mass shooting or murder, there is often more media attention given to the murderers than the murdered?

As an example (closer to home), I know the names and quite a bit about the two young men who are currently being hunted in Canada for their (alleged) murder spree in British Columbia.  

I know next to nothing, however, about the three people they are suspected of killing...and I actually had to look up their names:  Leonard Dyck, Lucas Fowler, and Chynna Deese.

Shame on me, it seems.

And on you, if the same goes..

It's time for us all to banish vanish them; to deny them their notoriety and their twisted fame.

It's time to focus all attention on the murdered, and absolutely none on the murderers.

It's time to mourn and celebrate the lost, and to entirely erase those who took them from us.

Unfortunately, I know that such ideas and laws and policies will never be enacted. We live in a world hooked on such drama, after all; a world in which our legal and political systems are seemingly much more focused on discussing and dissecting such events than working to prevent them.

 Once again, it seems, I am - as is everyone - left to act on my own.

And so, I would like to say to those who think to destroy families and kill:

I will share your name and picture as much as I possibly can...right up until the moment you are caught.  

After that, however, I will never again utter or write your name.  I will never again share your picture.

I will unfriend you, unlike you, delete you, and deny you your instafame.

I will mourn for those you kill...

                                       but I will forget YOU.


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